The story of Warda is closely linked to the beginnings of the milling industry in Tunisia, at the beginning of the 20th century.
From 1997 to the present day discover the history of Warda. Iconic products, novelties and exclusives, modernization of factories, international openness, awards and distinctions ... For more than 22 years, the Warda brand has written a story of passion, quality and innovation. The most important challenge of the company remains the improvement of what it offers and its positioning.

19 97
warda 1997

Production of Warda.

19 99
20 00
Pâtes courtes Warda

Installation of the second line of Warda short pasta with a capacity of 60 tons per day.

20 02
warda 2002

Installation of the couscous line with a capacity of 50 tons per day.
Obtaining HACCP certification.

20 05
warda 2005

Installation of the second line of long pasta with a capacity of 60 tons per day.

20 08

Installation of the 3rd line of short pasta with a capacity of 70 tons per day.
Obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

20 10
warda 2010

Change of the graphic identity and the name of the brand: The White Rose becomes Warda.

20 11
warda 2011

Installation and start-up of 2 special pasta lines with a total capacity of 150 tons per month.

20 12
warda 2012

Leadership on the local market: Warda number 1 in Tunisia

20 13
20 14
warda 2014

Award of the National Quality Award: Warda is the only brand in the pasta sector to achieve this distinction.
Installation of a third line of long pasta with a capacity of 90 tons per day.

20 15
warda 2015

Installation of a new line of short pasta with a capacity of 145 tons per day.

20 16
warda 2016

Exclusive on the African continent: The Warda brand is the first company in Africa to install automatic shelving.
Launch of the range of whole grain pasta.

20 18
Warda 2018

Launch of Warda mini pasta and the gourmet pasta range.

20 19
warda 2019 - 5 cereal pasta

Launch of the 5 cereal pasta range.
Installation of a new line of couscous.

20 21
Warda - 2021

Certificate FSSC 22000 V5.1
Certificate ISO9001 V 2015

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